Peru Nordic at NYSSRA Champs: Impact is Imminent!

The mighty Peru Nordic Masters Ski Pool are set to roll into the NYSSRA Champs with a race-ready, strong squad.  Their bellies are full of 666 Energy Drink and they’re ready to ski like a frenzied mosh pit Wall of Death worthy of Bay Area Thrash Metal Titans, EXODUS!

The Nordiques will be starting 12 skiers in the Champions Cup Race.  And, prognosticators are predicting at least 4 Peru Nordiques will be in the top 10 of the 21 km men’s race.  Likewise, there’s a strong chance that Peru Nordic Skiers may come away with both the men’s and women’s state titles!  Windbriefs handicaps the squad below:

Steve Bailey– Loss of Mitchellbeiner Skistadion has hurt his training, but he is well-rested for the event.

Doug Diehl- Will he change skis seconds before the start?  Diehl will definitely contend for the State Championship

Joe Korzinecki- Worried that he might not have the right grind for Saturday’s conditions.

Ed Lis- Will finish this race even if he has only one pole!

Chris Rose – Don’t underestimate the Kick Double-Poltergeist, an overall podium place is a definite possibility.

Amanda Zullo – Great chance for a podium, and if she hits the wax, a state title is within her reach.

Jim Adams–  Looking for redemption after a sub-par Loppet.  Expect Retribution!!!

Jerry Curcio- Will hit over 250 000 miles driven to ski races this season with this event.

Brian Delaney- Don’t forget the 5 hour sale on Sunday at High Peaks Cyclery: Nordic Specialists!!!

Stan Hatch- Hatch has been wicked fast all season, taking full advantage of lycra’s aerodynamic advantage over wool.

Jim Kobak – Would be a contender if it were a skate race, hoping to stay in the top 10.

Keith Kogut – Fat Tuesday champ will now only chug Stewart’s Egg Nog at the aid station.

Jon Santor – Should contend for the State championship! The pole strike of the BEAST!!!

Sunday’s relay teams are still being put together.  Peru Nordic is looking to not only win a Relay title, but also capture the overall points for the day.  They should have at least 5 strong squads covering many divisions…  Stay tuned for Inertia TV’s full coverage of the NYSSRA Championships!

Beware the Wall of Death


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