Kogut Wolfs Down Fat Tuesday Victory

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

“I’m hungry for victory!” said a determined Keith Kogut just before he chugged a hearty Stewart’s Egg Nog.  Then, because he was not quite satisfied, he chowed down a Peanut Butter Cup to go over the mythical 1o0o calorie mark in the annual Peru Nordic Fat Tuesday race.

Skiers completed two laps of the VHCS course, but had to stop in between to consume a tasty snack food.  Skiers were rewarded by being able to remove one second from their time for each calorie consumed. Most competitors went with the standard Hostess Apple or Cherry Pie.  Ed Lis slammed a whopping 520 calore chocolate pudding pie.  However no one could match the belt-busting heft of the Stewart’s Egg Nog, coming in at over 900 calories.  Kogut ate so much, he earned almost 19 minutes of ski time, giving him a net time of just under 2 minutes to complete the 6.66 km course!  Chris Rose had the fastest ski time of the day, but his paltry 470 calorie treat left him short by over 10 minutes.  “This race has left a bad taste in my mouth” said a disgruntled Rose.

The VHCS continues this weekend with the NYSSRA Championships, and then returns to Gauntlet Stadium for next Wednesday’s Beware the Ides of March/Erin go Brahserk! Cutthroat Biathlon.  Ski and Destroy!


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