With recent victories, Santor leads VHCS

The Sanchize sits atop the VHCS standings

Peru Nordic’s Jon Santor has entered March like a lion with some key victories and has vaulted into the VHCS overall lead.  Jon was the top Peru Nordic Skier in both of the past weekend’s Empire State Games events, and he had impressive wins in the Major Trophy race, RAGNAROK and the Wed War Ensemble: Skatona 500.    There are still a number of key VHCS events to come, including Yahtz-Ski, Fat Tuesday, the NYSSRA Championships, The Dr. Dave memorial race, Beware the Ides of March/Erin Go Brazkerk!!  and the VHCS finale, so the competition is still wide open.  (the VHCS Supercomputer crunches the numbers using a complex algorithm that takes into account the ability of each skier, the strength of the field of competition, the weather and waxing conditions, and the performance of the skier in the race.  There are many coefficients, multipliers and just a few fudge factors involved… let’s just say you’re better off not knowing all of the details)

VHCS top ten through February

Currently, defending champ, Jim Kobak, sits in second place.  Just behind him is three-time Champ, Chris Rose.  And, creeping up in the overall standings are Keith Kogut and Ed Lis.

Peru Nordic News and Notes:

Peru Nordic will be celebrating Bay Area thrash metal legends, Exodus, at this year’s NYSSRA Club Championship Relay, look for teams named after classic Exodus tracks like “Bonded by Blood,” “Strike of the Beast,” “Deathamphetamine,” “Lesson in Violence,” and “Shovel-headed Kill Machine.”

Peru Nordic will be making new uniforms for the 2011-2013 seasons, and the following preliminary design has been leaked… Now, not just skulls, but also blood!  If you would like to become part of the Evil Empire and advertise with Peru Nordic, contact us.


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