Santor takes the pole, hangs on for SKATONA 500 Victory!


Jon Santor followed up RAGNAROK victory with a huge win in the SKATONA 500.  Santor knew that winning qualifying was a huge advantage, and he needed that advantage to hold off the drafting duo of Jim Kobak and Chris Rose.

Ed Lis flies through Pit Road

The track was fast, and there was lots of trading paint on the course..  Santor almost made a tactical error, choosing  an ill-advised pit just before the final lap, but with fresh tires he held on for victory.  “My HPC, Depends, Red Man, UBU Ale, Hunter Designs Atomic Skis were AWESOME today, although I was a little tight in turn one and loose in turn 5, y’know the winner ain’t always the one with the fastest skis, but the one with the desire not to lose!”  Said an elated Santor in victory lane.

Rose rips through turn 6

Kobak managed to take second, sling-shoting past Rose in the finish straight.  “I was happy with my Stewarts Coffee, Newport Lights, Franziskaner, 666 Energy Drink Atomic Skis, but Second place is just the gad dang first loser”


Kobak’s afterburner speed was impressive after spending most of the bluebird day hiking in the high peaks with fellow drivers, Joe Korzinecki and Bob Maswick.  The trio made sure to conquer Big Slide Mt, get a nap in and then join in the Great American Race…”boogity, boogity, boogity!”

Skatona 500 Results!

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