Santor Helps Smite CF with RAGNAROK Victory!

RAGNAROK!... the GOAT is pleased!

Jon Santor successfully defended his RAGNAROK Title with a combination of fast skiing and charitable donating.  Santor’s time was good enough to win the race but he had to dig deep into the checking account to out donate Jerry “Curse of Pharaohs” Curcio. Santor once again hoists Mjollnir, the Hammer of the Gods, which he will use to smite CF!

RAGNAROK! and Team Cookie at the GOAT!

Skiers skied an 18 km classic race that traversed most of the Mt Van Ho trail network, ending at the GOAT (Goddess Of Anaerobic Threshold) high on the Porter Mt. Loops.  Skiers then deducted a minute off of their time for each dollar donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in support of Team Cookie’s efforts to “Crumble Cystic Fibrosis!”

RAGNAROK! Mjollnir... the Hammer of the Gods Smites CF!!!

Seven Peru Nordic Skiers took part in the event and raised over $150.  Every dollar donated goes to the CFF and is a step closer to curing this genetic disorder.  Thank you to all participants!!


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