Lis Gets Positively Negative for Deathskinada Victory

Lis, armed with his cold-weather burka

Ed Lis skied a smart race, and fate did the rest, as he went in the red for his first Deathskinada Loppet Victory.

The Deathskinada Death's Head Trophy!

In the Deathskinada, skiers had to ski two laps, with the second lap faster than the first.  The idea was to be as negative as Keskinada start temperatures, or at least as negative as Chris Rose is about Loppet fees.

Skiers skied one lap, starting their watches, and leaving their watches in gauntlet stadium, stopping them when they returned.  They recorded the time of the first lap.  If it was under 13 minutes, the skier scored a -20, if it was under 12 min, a -22, under 11 -24 and under 10min, -25
No one told me there was going to be this much math!

Skiers rested  and put on their watches to ski the second lap.   If the time was faster than the first lap, then skiers subtracted 0.1 from their score per second faster.   For example Ed skied the first lap in 10:26, scoring -24, he then skied the second lap in 9:21, 65 seconds faster, then he subtract 6.5 from that score… giving him a total of -30.5.  The fastest skier on the day, Kayak Corey, was too fast!  His 8:23 lap was not fast enough compared to his first, so he could not challenge Lis and ended up with a -27.2


Finally, after skiing the second lap, skiers may have chosen to “tempt fate” and turned over one of the Deathskinada Tarot Cards.  The card turned over either subtracted or added to your score…Lis drew DEATH! and his trip six feet under gave him the win!


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