Peru Brings Snow Thunder to Loppet. Kogut is Given the Finger!


Thunder on Snow!

Snow, Snow and more snow couldn’t stop the Peru Nordic Metal Militia from collecting a blizzard of hardware at the annual Lake Placid Loppet.  And Keith Kogut took home the weekend’s biggest prize, winning his first Foam Finger as Superbowl of Skiing Champion!


On Saturday, Peru Nordic raked in the medals at the Annual Lake Placid Loppet:

25 km Classic

Keith Kogut, Silver SRM

Chris Rose, Gold M2M

Randy Wint, 7th M4M

Gordy Santor, 7th M5M

Chris Beattie, Silver M7M

David Hunter, Bronze M7M

Amanda Zullo, Gold M1F

Jen Weibel, 5th M2F

Lisa Korzinecki, Bronze M4F

Janet Findlay, Gold M6M

25 km Freestyle

Jon Santor, Bronze SRM

Ryan Schmitt, 6th SRM

Bill Frazer, Silver M1M

Jim Kobak, Gold M3M

Ed Lis, 4th M3M

50 km Classic

Steve Bailey, Bronze M5M

Brian Delaney, Gold M6M

50 km Freestyle

Mike Wynn, Silver M3M

Stan Hatch, 4th M4M

Frank Kruger, Gold M8M

On Saturday night, Peru Nordic was once again stiffed by the raffle table, but was also slammed with 12″ of new wet snow overnight.  After digging out on Sunday morning, a few hardy souls made it to the second half of the Superbowl of Skiing at Dewey Mt.

"I'm Going to DisneyWorld!"

Despite a scare from a “Mystery Skier”  Peru Nordic’s Keith Kogut managed to ski fast enough, and to pick the Packers to win in order to capture his first Foam Finger.  The Mystery Skier was somewhat relieved when informed of Kogut’s victory, “I was worried that I would have to rescind my membership in another organization and sell my soul to the Evil Empire.  The director would not have been pleased.”  Gordy Santor took home Superbowl MVP honors with his Green Bay 31-24 pick, only one point from the actual score of the game!

Who was that Mystery Skier? Perhaps we will never know...

3 thoughts on “Peru Brings Snow Thunder to Loppet. Kogut is Given the Finger!”

  1. While the Mystery Skier is hugely relieved he does not have to join the Evil Empire, he does question the super computer’s results. The Mystery Skier picked a closer final score than the winner and placed higher in both races. The fact that he stepped all over the winner’s skis on the uphill at Dewey Mt. should be irrelevant. Perhaps the computer did not want to see another Peru trophy come south!

  2. The VHCS Supercomputer algorithms are too difficult for mere mortals to understand, let’s just say that the “Mystery Skier”
    and was thus computed out of contention for the Foam Finger… sorry

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