Santor leads Viking Helmet Championship Series at season’s mid-point

This season, Santor looks to crush all comers in the Freestyle loppet

Jon Santor is looking to add a Viking Helmet Championship Series overall victory to is ever-growing impressive nordic skiing resume.  Santor is currently in a battle with Janet Findlay and Amanda Zullo for the VHCS championship.  Although former overall champs, Jim Kobak and Chris Rose are also lurking close behind.


The VHCS series continues this week with four chances to score points.

1.  On Thursday, the annual VHCS Groundhog’s Day Demolition Derby will take place at MVH.  Skier look to scare the crap out of the groundhog in order to guarantee six more weeks of winter!

2.  On Saturday, the crown jewel of the ski season, the Lake Placid Loppet, takes place at MVH.

3.  On Sunday, the Dewey Mt. ESGQ is set to go.

4.  The VHCS points scored over the weekend are combined with Superbowl predictions to determine the winner of the 2011 Peru Nordic Superbowl of Skiing and the rights to the coveted Foam Finger!

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