Loppet Week, Groundhog’s Day and the Superbowl of Skiing… the best week of the year!

The Peru Nordiques spend all summer dreaming about this week.  The race season is in overdrive and the week to come features the best races of the year.

First up is the Wednesday War Ensemble Groundhog’s Day Tribute Freestyle Race.  Peru Nordic’s own Groundhog, “Van Ho Varg” will be standing outside his burrow.  Skiers will ski one lap before tossing three rays of sunshine (tennis balls) into Varg’s abode.  If a skier gets a ball into the bucket, the ultimate reward is had… six more weeks of winter.  If a skier fails to frighten Varg, he must ski six more dkm of race!

Then, the Superbowl of Skiing commences with the Lake Placid Loppet.  Skiers get Viking Helmet Points for skiing in two races over Superbowl weekend: The Loppet and the Dewey Mt. Freestyle.  Skiers must also pick the score for the big game, earning 10 bonus points for naming the winning team, but losing points for being inaccurate with the final score.

Of course, the Lake Placid Loppet is the real highlight.  Will Stan Hatch get to add “50 km Freestyle Champion” to his already impressive race resume?  Will Bob Maswick panic wax just before the start of the 25 km classic (guaranteed). Will Bill Frazer and Jim Kobak sprint to a photo finish in the 25 km freestyle?  Will Jon Santor win his first kort-loppet?  Can anyone win a raffle prize? Will Chris Rose even race?????

Enjoy this week… the best of the year!


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