Wynn Wins Titanic Clash for First National Title!

2011 National Champ, Mike Wynn. (seen here skiing a victory lap with the National Championship Shield)

Mike Wynn made a late attack on Team Hurt’s David Kvam to win the 2011 Peru National Championship Race.  Wynn sat quietly in the lead group for most of the race, allowing Kvam and Jon Santor to do most of the work up front, before making a late move and blowing the race open on the final climb.  Kvam, feeling fresh and fast, had to settle for second, while Saratoga Biathlon’s Carly Wynn used a late attack to drop Santor and the rapidly closing duo of Jim Kobak and Chris Rose to capture the bronze.  Janet Findlay captured the first ever Peru Nordic Women’s National Championship as top Peruvian without a Y chromosome, by finishing second to Wynn, and outsprinting Saratoga Biathlon’s  Starr Cook to the line.

Peru Nordic Celebrates Sweet Victory with the Mark Sanchez Trophy of Awesomeness!

The race featured quite possibly the most competitive field in VHCS history.  Over 17 racers took part in the Clash, representing four teams.  The Peru Nordic Masters won the coveted Mark Sanchez Trophy of Awesomeness, emblematic of Clash of Titans supremacy.  Peru Nordic loaded up the field to overmatch teams from Hurt Nordic, Saratoga Biathlon, Saranac Lake HS, and team Wear On Earth.

Clash of the Titans: Final Standings (timing to NYS Regents approved 64.5% accuracy standard)

Final Results

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