Titans Set to Clash… Peru National Championship on the Line!

Titans are set to Clash!!!!!

The annual Clash of the Titans/ Peru National Championship race is set to go for 11 am tomorrow, Jan 9 at MVH.  (course should be 10 km ish… course details TBA)

Peru Nordic, hoping to come out on top in the Clash... Just like the J-E-T-S! will beat the Colts tonight!!!

The Race should feature a hard-fought battle between at least four tenacious Nordic ski clubs.  Peru Nordic looks to hold off skiers from Team HURT, Saratoga Biathlon and an relatively unknown Wear on Earth entry.  Peru has some strong skiers committed to race, including, but not limited to, Keith Kogut, Ed Lis, Bill Frazer, Mike Wynn, Chris Rose, Jon Santor and recent Tour de Ski champ, Jim Kobak.  These skiers will not only be trying to accumulate points for their squad, but also will be vying for the Peru National Championship Shield!

Who will win the 2011 Peru National Championship?
For the team competition, the top 10 skiers will be scored using the NYSSRA points allocation system:
(1st – 20 pts, 2nd 16 pts, 3rd 13, 4th 11, 5th 9, 6th 7, 7th 5, 8th 3, 9th 2, 10th 1)  The club with the greatest number of points wins the Clash of the Titans!!
This race is part of the Viking Helmet Championship Series!
Past Peru National Champions
2010 –  Jim Kobak
2009 – Chris Rose
2008 –  Tom Moffett
2007 – Chris Rose

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