Tour de Ski finishes tonight on the links… it’s anyone’s game.

The 666 Energy Drink/ Peru Nordic Tour de Ski concludes tonight with the Stage Five: The last in Line… TPC Van Hoevenberg 6.66 km Golfathon.

The course!

Skiers will tee off in wave starts at 4 pm from Gauntlet Stadium.  They will ski one lap, then remove their skis and chip three golf balls, trying to hole it out on the dreaded “Gauntlet Stadium island green”  Skiers will receive time bonuses for getting balls in the hole, or at least on the green.  Skiers will receive penalty time for not hitting the green with their chip shots.  After golfing, the skiers will don their skis and do a second lap.  Finishing at Gauntlet Stadium.

Rose has been working on his swing...

Because this is the final stage of the Tour de Ski, and the standings are so tight.  The highest placing contender tonight will most likely win the TdS Chalice.  Peru Nordic Masters Masters Champion, Chris Rose, is clearly a favorite. Jim Kobak is hoping to overcome a severe case of the “yips”,  Jon Santor has been doing a lot of practice at the 19th hole, and Amanda Zullo has been perfecting her “Happy Gilmore” swing.  It’s anyones game!

are you ready for the TPC Van Hoevenberg!?!?!

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