Lis chips to Golfathon Win… Kobak barely edges Zullo for TdS Chalice!

Golfathletes off to the links!

Ed Lis, fresh off a Gauntlet victory on Saturday, continued his winning ways as he captured the Fifth Stage of the Tour de Ski Golfathlon.  Lis, using his “be the ball, tap it in… tappy… tappy… tappy” mantra, managed to ski a solid race and make some greens in regulation.

Official Golfathlon Scorecard

Lis edged Bob Maswick, who despite skiing the same time, had a controversial “under the green” shot.  When the official rules were scoured, it seemed that by virtue of being in the “general area of the green, but not actually on the green” Maz was relegated to second place.  To which he could just say, “C’mon man, that was a good golf shot!”


Keith Kogut, skiing in a pack with Maz and Lis, finished third.  He left the links kicking himself for not going with his trusty putter so close to the green, “I went with the pitching wedge, and I just couldn’t work enough backspin to get it to stick.”

Kobak wins the Tour!!!

Jim Kobak, finishing with the fastest time of the day, had a rough go on the golf course.  “I duffed one, put one in the bunker, and overshot the green… luckily all the water hazards were frozen, or I would’ve really been in trouble.”  His effort on the ski course earned him the overall Tour de Ski title and the coveted Tour de Ski Chalice!!!

TdS silver medalist, Amanda Zullo: Pumped to be on the Podium

Amanda Zullo, also having difficulties on the golf course, managed to capture second overall in the tour.  When asked about the final golfathlon stage she gave a Mark Twainian reply, “Golfathlon is like a good ski… ruined.”

I hate that Bob Barker!

Jon Santor, who was an early Tour leader, fell to third overall.  His short game let him down today, leaving him to simply mutter, “I hate that Bob Barker!”

No "cinderella story" for Rose on the Tour this year...

Surprisingly, the Peru Nordic Masters Masters champion, Chris Rose, really struggled near the green right when the game  was on the line…  “The good lord would never interrupt the game of my life… Rat Farts!!!!”  Rose wound up in fourth place overall for the Tour de Ski.

Janet Findlay had a good day on course, as she came to the tee, and selected her club, you could her say “this calls for the old Billy Baroo.  Don’t let me down, Billy! Forty thousand dollars, Billy!”

Final Tour de Ski Standings

Thanks to all who participated in an epic Tour de Ski for the ages!

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