Lis and Kobak win Gauntlet Relay, catapults Kobak into TdS Lead

Kobak and Lis: Gauntlet 2011 Champs

The team of Ed Lis and Jim Kobak attacked the soggy Gauntlet course and captured the coveted Peru Nordic Club Relay Championship.  Lis and Kobak managed to outlast the Power Trio of Bob Maswick, Joe Korzinecki and Steve Bailey for the win.  Chris Rose and Amanda Zullo took the bronze.

Standings after stage 4...

The win was huge for Kobak because it vaulted him into first place overall in the Tour de Ski heading into the final stage.  Kobak has been struggling during the Tour, but with help from a yeoman effort from Ed Lis during the relay, has found his form.  The day was disastrous for Jon Santor, who, after arriving to the venue late, saw his standings in the overall Tour plummet.  However, the leader-board shakeup means that Stage 5 will determine the winner of the Tour.  It’s a four-horse race between Kobak, Santor, Rose and Zullo.  The winner of stage 5 will likely win the coveted Tour de Ski Chalice.

Racers compete on the soggy course

Weather was once again a factor.  Warm 40+ degree temps made for soft, slushy conditions.  And as conditions continued to get worse over the day, the Tour de Ski race jury decided to postpone Sunday’s finale.  Now, the final stage of the 666 Energy Drink/ Peru Nordic Tour de Ski will be held during the Wednesday War Ensemble, Wednesday evening at Mt Van Ho (assuming conditions improve by then).

These guys know how to "Ski Evil"

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