Timing Scandal, Doping Allegations and Wacky Weather Conditions Wreak Havoc with 2010 Tour

Tour Leader, Jon Santor, gets pre-race advice from Coach, Mentor and Dad, Gordy

It appears that Chris Rose has gotten his stage win, after all.  The Swiss-precision self-timing system that the VHCS has put into place has been riddled with inaccuracies from the start, and has been plagued with problems ranging from “I left my watch at home” to “I forgot to push ‘Start'”  Now it seems that Jon Santor’s win on Stage Two has been reviewed by the race jury, and by virtue of accidentally losing a minute somewhere off of his watch, Santor actually finished second in that stage to Chris Rose.  “If I didn’t take that wrong turn, all of this would be moot.  I’m just going to step on it much harder today in Stage Three” said an enraged Santor.

Chris Rose, visibly shaken by the prospect of doping on the Tour

Santor used his anger to his advantage today, crushing the field in the climb to the GOAT.  This instantly prompted “doping” allegations from a sullen Rose.  “I have perfect technique, I train like a master, I juggle a full time job and two kids, and I’m 40 years old, there’s no way a 25 year old guy should be kicking my a#$ like this… he must be doping!”

It's not so much the heat, it's the humidity

And if all that weren’t enough to give race organizers headaches, the recent warming trend has taken it’s toll on the Tour de Ski.  The heat combined with the severity of today’s hillclimb crumpled competitors as they labored to crawl up to and wilt before the GOAT behind Santor.  Rose managed a second place, ahead of Jim Kobak and pre-race favorite, Joe Korzinecki.

The pre-race favorite does his contemplative pre-race favorite visualization routine

The field for the event featured some prime out- of -state talent, including VT’s Tim Cowan and NJ’s Peter Minde.  Once again the Canoesome Twosome of Ben and Mike managed to only get partially lost.  And Stan Hatch and Gordy Santor made their TdS debuts.

Zullo, smiling at the prospect of meeting the GOAT firsthand.

With Santor’s win, the Tour is his to lose, but there was some major battles for overall position today.  Janet Findlay surrendered second to Chris Rose, but managed to gut out a great leg and widen her gap over Amanda Zullo and Kieth Kogut.

Korzenecki and Findlay... the team to beat in the Gauntet?????

The Tour continues tomorrow with the Gauntlet Relay.  The race jury has decided that all legs of the Gauntlet will be contested in FREESTYLE (so, yes you can do classic, but no, you don’t have to).  Meet at the Lodge at noon for bib-up and partnering (we will use  the patented complex VHCS Supercomputer ultraalgorithmic formula to evenly match relay teams)

Tour Standings through 3 stages
be prepared for slow, soft conditions

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