Sanchize Sizzles in Tour Opener

Current Tour Leader, Jon Santor, in the 666 Energy drink leaders' jersey

Jon “Anathema of Outrage” Santor served notice in the 666 energy drink/ Peru Nordic Tour de Ski, blistering through the 2km freestyle prologue course in just over 6 minutes.  Santor pummeled the competition and served notice that now, he is the one to beat in the Tour de Ski.  “He’s just too f$#*n’ fast,” said bewildered defending Tour champ, Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose.  “It’s not fair, I have been suffering from a terminal case of Ongoing Life Disorder (OLD) and this young punk crushes my self esteem!  Well, at least he doesn’t wear shorts over his tights.”

Tour Standings after Stage One... Santor leads Kobak and Zullo

The Tour de Ski continues today with a 4 km classic at Mt Van Hoevenberg.  And, the event continues through Sunday with a different course each day.  Anyone who wants to join in the Tour fun is welcome, and it appears the TdS is the only ski racing in NY State.  Check the TdS website


This year the Tour celebrates the life’s work of the late Ronnie James Dio… R.I.P.



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