Peru Nordic/ 666 Energy Drink Tour de Ski, FAQs

The annual Peru Nordic Tour de Ski is set to get underway on Wednesday!

Five Stages in five days… a fun training event brought to you by the good folks at the Evil Empire.
This year, celebrating the life’s work of Ronnie James Dio… and featuring the 666 Energy Drink Leaders’ Jersey!

1.  Do I have to do all the stages to take part in the TdS?
No, do one stage, do all stages, you will be counted in the TdS standings.

2.  How do the TdS standings work?
Skiers will score VHCS points in each stage.  The points from each stage will be added together to determine the overall champ.

3.  I would really like to do all the stages, but I am busy on some of those days.
That’s OK, you can do any stage on any day and enter your results,  in fact, you can do all of the stages on one day if you wish, however bonus points are given for completing a stage on it’s assigned day.

4.  Is there an official start time for each stage?
There are official start times for each stage, but again if you can’t make the start, that’s OK, just complete the stage on your own and enter your result online into the VHCS computer.

5.  What are the Stages?
A.  Stand up and Shout!:  12/29/10 2km Freestyle Prologue Mt. Van Hoe  *VHCS Series points race.  11 am start
This quick course has a couple of uphill blasts and some fast downhills… should be a great way to get the lactic acid flowing!

B.  Holy Diver: 12/30/10  4 km classic TT at Mt. Van Hoevenberg * VHCS points race  11 am start
This course starts and fiinishes at the second shift parking lot.  It cruises over the rolling terrain of the North Brook and Perimeter trails.  It crosses the road through the tunnel and returns over the bridge to the finish.

C. Heaven and Hellt: 12/31/10 Tour de Ski Freestyle Hillclimb!  Upta GOAT! Mount Van Ho  *VHCS points race  11 am start
This course starts where East Mt. leaves Flatlander Extension.  It climbs gently before rolling out to Porter. Then, cutting off the Cascade loop,  it finishes with the HUGE climb upta the GOAT.
D.  Mob Rules:  1/1/11 The Gauntlet Relay 6 x 1.5 km free/classic Mount Van Ho * VHCS points race  12 noon start
The annual Classic!  Skiers will be split into teams of 2 and ski alternating laps classic-skate-classic-skate-classic-skate.  Start and finish at New GauntJets Stadium.
E. The Last in Line: 1/2/11 Glenville Hills NYSSRA Race *VHCS points race **NYSSRA points race  Course unknown, but lets head down and support this newest NYSSRA event!  (If this race does not take place, an alternate event will be held at MVH)
6.  Do I have to listen to Dio during the TdS?
Of course, Dio was awesome and is an all time Metal Legend.  Crank it up!

VHCS points will be awarded for each stage, the skier with the highest total of VHCS points will win the Tour de Ski Chalice.  (Skiers do not have to ski in every stage in order to be eligible, but don’t be a wuss… ski ’em all!)

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