War Ensemble!!

Propaganda... death ensemble... burial to be

The Peru Nordic Masters Wednesday War Ensemble has been a big hit.  Overwhelming crowds have gathered to compete in the training series under headlamp at Mount Van Ho.

Corpses rotting through the night... In blood laced misery

In the first gathering, Jim Kobak outsprinted Chris Rose in the 8 km Freestyle event.  Last night Rose and Jon Santor shed Kobak and Keith Kogut mid-way through the race, and Rose’s attack on the final climb allowed him to win by a scant  15 seconds.  An average of 10 skiers have participated in the events, and there is always room for more, just make sure you are a NYSSRA member and have paid all applicable trail fees to MVH when you show up.

Scorched earth the policy, The reason for the singe

Chris Rose currently leads the VHCS, by a slim margin over Jerry Curcio. See standings here

The pendulum it shaves the blade... The strafing air blood raid

The VHCS continues next Wednesday with the launch of the 666 Energy Drink / Peru Nordic Tour de Ski.  The Tour features five stages in five days…This year, celebrating the life’s work of Ronnie James Dio

War Support!

1.  Wed. Stand up and Shout!:  12/29/10 2km Freestyle Prologue Mt. Van Hoe  *VHCS Series points race
2. Thur.  Holy Diver: 12/30/10  4 km classic TT at Mt. Van Hoevenberg * VHCS points race
3. Fri. Heaven and Hellt: 12/31/10 Tour de Ski Hillclimb!  Upta GOAT! Mount Van Ho  *VHCS points race

4.  Sat. Mob Rules:  1/1/11 The Gauntlet Relay 6 x 1.5 km free/classic Mount Van Ho * VHCS points race
5. Sun. The Last in Line: 1/2/11 Glenville Hills NYSSRA Race *VHCS points race **NYSSRA points race
VHCS points will be awarded for each stage, the skier with the highest total of VHCS points will win the Tour de Ski Chalice.  (Skiers do not have to ski in every stage in order to be eligible, but don’t be a wuss… ski ’em all!)

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