Wednesday Night War Ensemble #1… Tonight at MVH

The Viking Helmet Championship Series continues tonight with the first Wednesday Night War Ensemble.  Tonight’s event is an 8 km Freestyle Mass Start.  However if you can’t make the 4 pm ish start, you may compete by skiing the course between 12 pm today and 8 pm Friday and entering your time into the VHCS computer here

Who?  Eligible skiers are those who have an active NYSSRA Nordic license and have paid any/all trail pass fees at MVH.

What?  Skiers race on a pre-determined course at MVH.  Skiers are scored using the complex VHCS Supercomputer Algorithm. *

The War Ensemble Course

The War Ensemble Course:

1.  Start at Gauntlet Stadium

2.  Ski Flatlander towards Yurt

3. Hard left on to Bob cat

4.  right on to Flatlander backwards

5.  right  up Campground

6.  hard left on to Spruce

7.  left on to Flatlander ext.

8.  left on to Flatlander ext

9.  right on to east mt.

10.  right on to east mt cutoff.

11.  right down east mt.

12.  hard left/right combo on to flatlander ext bridge.

13.  hard left at bottom of bridge.

14.  finish at Gauntlet Stadium!  (repeat)

*Skiers must both ski evil and also ski and destroy!

When? The Wednesday Night War Ensemble marches @ 4:00 pm*

Skiers have the option of meeting on Wednesday evening, or they may complete the weekly race task before 8pm Friday  *Check Windbriefs, facebook and twitter for updates.  Competitors must keep track of their own times and enter their info into the database

Where?  Mount Van Hoevenberg, Lake Placid… Meet at Gauntlet Stadium at 4pm-ish

Why?  Because it’s Evil!

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