Race Season opens this weekend. New Nordiques look to make impact.

Peru Nordic is Ready... are you?

The 2010-11 Peru Nordic race campaign kicks off on Sunday with the NYSEF Season Opener at Mount Van Hoevenberg in Lake Placid.

The Dealer of Devastation is back in Peru Nordic colors!

The Peru Nordiques should be sending a large contingent of foot soldiers to the event, including some of the newest members of the Evil Empire.   Doug “Dealer of Devastation” Diehl, the big free-agent acquisition, will get a start and should fare well against the strong field and dominate the M5M category.  Amanda “Anvil of Angst” Zullo will be a force in the Masters women category.  Keith “Krakken of Kalamity” Kogut should tear up the senior category.  And, spring signee, Jerry “Curse of Pharaohs” Curcio will most likely fly in with the west wind to bring the evil.  A couple of other rookies may also see their first NYSSRA action, including Ryan “Riot of Violence” Schmitt and Kevin “Alchemist of Immolation” Litchfield.  And, it would not be surprising if the hardest guy from the soft side, Tim “Iconoclast of Ourobourus” Cowan makes an appearance in tomorrow’s race.

These new additions, alongside the veteran heavy hitters, like Stan “Enigma of Uncertainty” Hatch, Ed “Distributor of Pain” Lis and Joe “Colossus of Chaos” Korzinecki, should help Peru Nordic dominate in Sunday’s race and develop a sizable lead in the NYSSRA Club Championship Series.

the Sanchize!

Sunday’s race also marks the beginning of the 2010-11 Viking Helmet Championship Series.  This season every NYSSRA race counts in the series along with the Peru Nordic Masters Major Trophy Races, and the weekly Wednesday Night War Ensemble at MVH.  The early money is on Jon “Anathema of Outrage” Santor to have a strong season and win his first Viking Helmet, wresting the trophy from defending champion, Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak and former 3 time champion, Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose.

The excitement begins Sunday.  Inertia TV should be on hand to capture all of the glory.  Looking to be a part of the action? Join Peru Nordic! Ski and Destroy!!


One thought on “Race Season opens this weekend. New Nordiques look to make impact.”

  1. Fellow destroyers of nordic skiing.

    Tough race. Oden hurts us right at the beginning with rain on top of snow for which our skis all waxed for 29 degrees end up like suction cups. Never the less, great race turned in by Ed Lis among others. His was the only back I could see the entire second lap, so I trust everyone else did well despite the ski slope pulling us backward. Hope everyone is now warmed up and dried out. I felt so cold, sick, and tired, I cut a K off my warm down lap.

    Still uncertain in enigmaty

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