Viking Helmet Championship Series re-vamped, the slaughter begins Dec. 12

The annual Peru Nordic Masters Viking Helmet Championship Series had been held at Mitchellbeiner Skistadion for years.  With the demise of that facility, organizers have decided to move the weekly training event to Mt. Van Hoevenberg.  Because of this change, VHCS competitors MUST be Peru Nordic members, hold active NYSSRA Nordic racing licences, and must have paid all applicable trail pass fees for Mt. Van Ho.

This season, all NYSSRA races will count towards the VHCS.  Likewise, the Major Trophy Peru Nordic events including the Tour de Ski, the Clash of the Titans, the Deathskinada Loppet, Ragnarok and the Superbowl of Skiing will count.  Also, a weekly Wednesday War Ensemble training race will take place after hours at MVH.

The VHCS supercomputer will be relocated to MVH and the VHCS Supercomputer will crunch the numbers using a complex algorithm that takes into account the ability of each skier, the strength of the field of competition, the weather and waxing conditions, and the performance of the skier in the race.  There are many coefficients, multipliers and just a few fudge factors involved… let’s just say you’re better off not knowing all of the details

The weekly training race will take place most Wednesday evenings.  Skiers will meet at Gauntlet Stadium for a warm-up, followed by a 4 km “race.”  The same course will be used each Wednesday, conditions permitting, and competitors are encouraged to meet at the 4 pm ish start time.  Skiers who cannot make the week’s Wednesday start will have until 8 pm on Friday to complete the course and submit their results online to the VHCS supercomputer. (the online form will be located at

The Wednesday War Ensemble race course… Start at Gauntlet Stadium… ski flatlander to the Stadium, return via Bobcat… Ski up Campground, take a left on Spruce,  take a left onto Flatlander Ext…  ski up flatlander ext to East Mt Cutoff, take a hard left at the bottom of east mt cutoff, go over the flatlander bridge, then left onto flatlander back to Gauntlet stadium… repeat!

The First VHCS race is the NYSEF Season Opener at MVH on Sunday, 12/12.  Wednesday War Ensemble starts on Wed 12/14.  Stay tuned to Windbriefs and Facebook for updates and details.  Don’t forget to Join Peru Nordic, Get your NYSSRA Racing License and your MVH trail pass!!!


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