Austin Huneck Wins Sufferfest 2010… The Future is NOW!


we should probably get used to this


Taking the advice of elders and doping the crap out of his wheels, Team HURT’s Austin Huneck out-dueled defending champion, Doug Diehl and won the 2010 Sufferfest title.  “…this is sweeeeet!” said the ecstatic Champ.  “I am so pumped to have that trophy promenently displayed on the mantle at home,” said an equally ecstatic and proud papa Huneck.  “Uggghh… a year with that hideous thing in my house… you can keep that in the garage.” said a somewhat less ecstatic, but equally proud mama Huneck.


"I taught the boy everything he knows..."


The bronze medal was captured by Peru Nordic’s Jim Kobak, who took advantage of a tactical error by teammate Joe Korzinecki in the last 400 m.  “Joe went right around the island just below the summit, thinking it was the finish, I stayed left and then attacked the s*%t out of him.”


A beautiful Sufferfest Sunday!


Huneck and Diehl, bolstered by a strong effort from Tim Huneck, led Team HURT to the team championship, albeit with somewhat of a controversy.  It seems that Diehl was flying Peru Nordic colors during warm-up, seemingly signaling his re-alignment with the Evil Empire.  Then, in a quick turn about, stripped down to a neutral black for the race itself.  Does anyone know what team he’s on??!?!?!?


Lis...The Distributor of Pain!



Much Suffering was suffered.


Much suffering was endured, and indeed, crap was flowing out of most competitors orifices.  “It sounds like a TB ward up here” noted Bob Maswick, “folks are coughing up phlegm like the Jets Defense will make the Browns cough up the ball later today during the big game.”  *note Jets 26 Browns 20 (OT)


Live by the sword and help to contain The helpless minds of you all Die by my hand in pools of blood Clutch yourself as you fall Mindless tyranny, forgotten victims Children slaughtered in vain


The Sufferfest is the culmination of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Armageddon Series. Chris Rose’s 5th place on the day allowed him to hang on to the overall series lead and take home the championship for a second consecutive year.





Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Rollerski Armageddon Series (t0p 10 overall)


Sufferfest... Serious Death!



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