Heading out to the Highway, Peru Nordic gets some quality on-snow time


Whiteface Conquered in the name of SLAYER!!


Whiteface Mountain is the “Glacier” for the Peru Nordic Masters.  Usually it is good for some early season snow, and it is used by the Peru Nordiques to get their snow legs ready after rollerskiing for the past 7 months.


The Hand of Doom gets in some quality Kick AND glide


Today, members of the Peru Nordic Masters, including Jim Kobak, Bob Maswick, Chris Rose, Jon Santor, Ed Lis and Amanda Zullo managed to ascend Whiteface on snow.  Conditions were skiable from the toll house, and became really good from about a mile and a half up.


The Lord of Destruction


The forecast for the upcoming week is for warming, which will probably push the snow line up, but up above 3000′ there is a ton of snow.  Anyway, it was a good taste of winter.


Winding around the Wilmington Turn


Don’t forget the SUFFERFEST is next weekend… Ski and Destroy!


Summit Photo... Peru Nordic 11/6/2010



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