Sufferfest Week… Voting results are in

It’s SUFFERFEST Week and the votes have been counted.

Doug Diehl, the defending champion, is the favorite to win and repeat as Sufferfest king.  Mike Wynn, a former champion, garnered the second most votes despite the fact that he has not even registered.

Chris Rose, also a former champion, is the overwhelming favorite to finish just off the podium and capture the wooden medal

Sufferfest competitors are expecting to suffer, with most planning to” induce so much suffering that fluid will be oozing out of every orifice.”  Or, at least most are planning to suffer just a tad less than that.

While the competitors are suffering, they will most likely have Cannibal Corpse song lyrics running through their brain.

And, while pre-covering on Sunday.  Everyone expects the NY Jets to rebound from last weekend’s disappointing loss by beating up on the Detroit Lions by at least 20 points.


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