Piper pummels Peru with Carnival sweep!!


racers on course... Carnival of Sins 2010


Paul Smith’s College skier, Vermonter and Mark Gilbertson protegee, Matt Piper swept both stages of the dreary, cold and wet Carnival of Sins.  Piper battled with Chris Rose during the classic stage, managing to use a late race surge to break the defending Carnival champion.  Rose was demolished and couldn’t put in any kind of effort during stage two.  Piper attacked early and  put in a big effort going up Big Hill during the skate race to get separation over former Paul Smith’s racer, and current Peru Nordic standout, Jon Santor.  With the twin victories, Piper took home the coveted Carnival of Sins laughing Skull trophy/ ashtray/ incense burner/ soap holder/ votive display, emblematic of Carnival of Sins supremacy.


The Banshee of Bedlam fights through the dreary, wet and cold


The day was rainy and wet, and temperatures hovered around 40 degrees, making for challenging conditions.  And, to maximize the suffering, racers had to navigate their way up Big Hill Rd twice during the 20 km of racing.  “I knew it was a big hill, but that’s a Big Hill,”  said Beekmantown Football‘s #1 fan, Steve “Incursion of Fury” Bailey.  “I thought by skipping the Classic stage I would dominate the skate race, but that Hill is just too damn Big.” said Great White‘s #1 fan, Tom Moffett.


Tom "fresh legs" Moffett


Peru Nordic’s Bob Maswick dominated the realtor’s division and Janet Findlay easily won the womens’ race.  And, in a surprising turn of events, all competitors elected NOT to wheel-dope.  No, it wasn’t the prospect of receiving disparaging remarks in a FasterSkier forum that kept the racers wheel-clean, rather,”When Doug Deihl dropped out of the race, somehow the allure of wheel doping faded, and we agreed on contesting a more “pure” race… that and the fact that the roads were soaked and slippery with the prospect of wiping out on wet leaves,” said noted wheel-doper, Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak.




Racers were treated to a fantastic vegetarian wheat berry and chick pea soup whipped up by Peru Nordic’s caterer of choice, the Mitten of Might.


How sweet is that trophy?!?!?


With the win, Piper picked up 100 points. That, combined with retroactive points gained from the Climb to the Castle, moved him into second place behind Chris Rose in the Peru Nordic Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Armageddon Series. Complete results for this race and standings can be found here. The series ends next weekend with Saturday’s SUFFERFEST!!


racers enjoying the late October weather in Peru


***Interestingly enough… the overwhelming Sin of choice amongst registered competitors was LUST… Dammit I wanted Greed to win, Damn it!


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