Peru Nordic Halloween Costume Guide..

It’s Halloween Eve, and you have been too busy getting ready for today’s Carnival of Sins to even think of  looking for a Halloween Costume… well, why not go as one of your favorite Peru Nordiques:  Here are some great last-minute costume ideas!

Go as Jerry “Curse of Pharaohs” Curcio

or, maybe, dress up as Charlie “Mitch of Hell” Mitchell:

Or perhaps try to capture, Jon “Anathema of Outrage” Santor’s look:

Don’t forget that dressing as Stan “Enigma of Uncertainty” Hatch is always a favorite:

Maybe you could sport the look of Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak

Or, try trick-or-treating as Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose

Or, try masquerading as Bob “Lord of Destruction” Maswick

Whatever costume you choose, have a safe and happy Halloween… and don’t forget to register for the annual Peru Nordic/ HURT Sufferfest up Prospect Mt. Next Saturday!!!


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