Kobak Rules Rutland… Evil Empire Expansion Plans?

Farry races to the finish!

Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak won his second consecutive NENSA Rutland Uphill Rollerski race in Johan Muhlegg-esque fashion.  Kobak crushed all comers, independent of wheel choice, by almost 4 minutes.   Team HURT’s Andy Farry gave the Empire State two representitives on the podium with a strong 3rd place showing.  Remember the immortal words of Jacked-Up Old Man, “you don’t bring a pea-shooter to a gunfight!”

Vermont's Tim Cowan grimaces as he crosses the finish line
Farry: Answering the call to the Evil Empire???

After the race, Windbriefs learned that a high profile meeting was held at a local “friendly” dining establishment.  Rumor has it that Team HURT skiers, Andy “Raider of Revenge” Farry and Jim “South of Heaven” South are entertaining offers as free agents for the upcoming season.  Obviously disgruntled and disappointed with the direction that Team HURT has been taking, these skiers are looking for a new, eviler opportunity with the Empire.  “Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. And, I plan to Suffer at the Sufferfest” reportedly said Andy Farry. “I cannot escape my destiny, the Dark Side is where I belong.” apparently commented Jim South.  Jim Kobak most likely responded to these rumors with, “If they search their feelings they know there is no escape! They do not yet realize ther importance. They’ve only begun to discover their power! When Andy and Jim join the Evil Empire, we will complete their training! With our combined strength, we can bring order to NYSSRA Nordic.” All of this may have happened  A long time ago, but somehow in the future.

Beartown Ski Area... Spectacular views, and the future home of the PNMSP...

In other news, Peru Nordic spent Saturday working on the XC Ski Trails at Beartown Ski Area in Beekmantown, NY.  With the demise of MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion,  Peru Nordic is looking for a bigger and more powerful Death Star.  Led by Steve “Incursion of Fury” Bailey and joined by Kobak, Jerry “Boss of Brutality” Ross and Ryan “Riot of Violence” Schmitt.  The Nordiques scouted out about 3 km of trails and did some improvements, mostly cutting back brush and clearing trees.  Eventually, the trail system will be groomed by Beartown’s large Bombardier groomer, but much trail widening and rock-removal still needs to take place.  Beartown has alot of potential, but is probably a season or two away from hosting a NYSSRA event… already entitled the Beartown Beatdown!

imagine this thing grooming the trails... SWEEET!

Don’t forget… The CARNIVAL of SINS is less than a week away! Registration is still open


5 thoughts on “Kobak Rules Rutland… Evil Empire Expansion Plans?”

  1. I call total fabrication and lies, your never swaying HURT faithful with that crap music! The director eats that crap for breakfast!

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