Peru Nordic Conquers New Worlds… Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

The brave New World!

The Peru Nordic Masters celebrated Columbus Day by launching the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria expedition to the other side of the bridge in Jay, NY.  Led by noted Italiano adventurers, Bob Maswiccissimo, Jim Kobaccia, and Jon Santorino, Clear, crisp Autumn weather greeted the exploratory crew as they set off to the new World.  The 14.92 km of roads in Jay had some long grinding climbs, some big but skiable descents, good pavement and low traffic.  The explorers were greeted warmly by the natives, but little did those savages suspect… their demise is inevitable!!!

Moffett slays the savages!

Later on Columbus Day, the annual “Conquest of the Americas” race took part at Point Au Roche.  European-American members of Peru Nordic reenacted their ancestors pillaging of the American Continent on rollerskis by doing interval repeats.  Eventually the territory was tamed and Manifest Destiny was at hand.  Tom “Little Big Horn” Moffett won the day, just seconds faster than Jim “Trail of Tears” Kobak.  Ryan “Wounded Knee” Schmitt rounded out the podium.  Just a few miles North of Point Au Roche, a great feast was had to celebrate the bountiful harvest, eh?.

Crisp Autumn Weather in Jay, NY

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