Climb to the Castle… Kobak’s McGuyver move barely saves nut-buster!

“There I was, in the middle of one of my greatest races, I was in a groove, feeling good… and then the wheels fell off…”  Said a disappointed Jim Kobak at the 2010 NYSEF Climb to the Castle race up Whiteface Mt.  During the race the front wheel of Kobak’s left rollerski literally fell off.  Kobak had somehow actually busted a nut while on the climb.  The nut holding the left axle bolt twisted off, and when the bolt slid out of the hub, Kobak’s race came screeching to a halt.  The field passed him as he was on his hands and knees combing the road for the missing pieces of his ski.  After a good 7 or 8 minutes, he found a spacer washer and using some duct tape attached to his waterbottle holder, jimmied a temporary fix that managed to get him through the last mile and a half to the finish.  As it turns out, the ill-timed wheel explosion probably cost Kobak dearly as he was on pace for a Masters podium finish with USST Olympic medalists Bill Demong and Todd Lodwick.


Huneck on site for "professional development"


The Climb to the Castle featured the nation’s elite mixing it up with members of the Peru Nordic Masters.  The Jacked Up Old Man-Free event saw Kris Freeman finally conquer NY’s 5th highest peak.  Peru Nordic had a strong field with Kobak, Chris Rose, Jon Santor, Brian Delaney, and surprisingly, running late, narrowly making the start, Joe Korzinecki. Rose managed to fight through the howling 40+ mph winds to finish 4th overall in the Masters, with Korzinecki finishing 6th.  Kobak rallied despite his ski mishap to finish 8th in the Masters, ahead of Delaney, the Soft-side’s Tim Cowan and Team HURT’s Tim Huneck.  The finishing Nordiques, always looking to peakbag, fought off the post race fatigue and managed to send a summit team to the mighty apex of Whiteface and back in time for the awards ceremony in the Castle. RESULTS POSTED HERE


the start... we're there, just safely in the back of the field...


Rose now leads the 2010 Peru Nordic Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Armageddon Series.  Full series results and standings can be found here.  The action continues on Saturday Oct 30 with the Carnival of Sins in Peru.  Skiers can race in the 10 k classic, the 10 k skate… or both! Register online here

Monday Night Metal Meltdown continues on Columbus Day at Point Au Roche with a special “Conquest of the Americas” race.  This race pits Mayans, Aztecs and Incas against Spanish Conquistators, stop by at 5 pm to compete and to see who wins (hint: it’s gonna be the conquistadors).

And, if that’s not enough fantabulous news, Peru Nordic’s favorite NHL team, the New Jersey Devils begin their march to the 2011 Stanley Cup tonight against Dallas.  Get out your Franziskaners!!!

Inertia TV was on hand to capture all of the Whiteface gory glory! BOOM!


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