ANGEL OF DEATH: Diehl Dominates!

"Monarch of the Kingdom of the Dead"

Team HURT’s Doug Diehl defended his Angel of Death Rollerski title with a dominant performance on the Hill of Death in Peru today and captured the coveted Skull Necklace, emblematic of Angel of Death supremacy.

Hatch pulls ahead of Farry at the finish...

Peru Nordic managed to complete the podium, with Chris Rose finishing second and Jim Kobak coming in third.  Stan Hatch nipped Team HURT’s Andy Farry at the line to capture fourth, and assure Peru Nordic the top spot in the team competition.

Cowan just before the major malfunction

Vergennes Vermont’s Tim Cowan had a major wheel blow up malfunction and had to abandon part-way through the race.  “… these are the risks you take when you dabble in wheel doping,” said a jubilant Bob Maswick as he catapulted ahead of the victimized Vermonter into 6th place.

The Sanchize at the summit

Jon Santor, chose not to wheel dope, and suffered mightily, getting thrashed by the ominous Hill of Death. Tom Moffett, representing Saratoga Biathlon, barely finished the race.  Tom has been suffering through a mild bout of BobVillaitis.  “It’s lucky he can ski at all, once you have your mind on circular saws and laminate flooring it takes months to get fit enough to keep training.” said the recently recovered Bob Maswick.  Ryan Schmitt won the first ever bike division, charging up the Hill of Death ahead of Gordie Santor.

And a good time was had by all… the next big rollerski event is the NYSEF Climb to the Castle on Friday, October 8,2010.


Rollerski div

Diehl, Doug M5 26:43

Rose, Chris M3 28:13

Kobak, Jim  M3 30:06

Hatch, Stan M4 31:26

Farry, Andy M2 31:36

Maswick, Bob M6 36:42

Santor, Jon SR 39:26

Moffett, Tom M2 44:53

Cowan, Tim M5 DNF

Bike Div

Schmitt, Ryan 26:00

Santor, Gordie 38:00


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