Monday Night Metal Meltdown at Hallowed Point (au Roche)

Moffett demonstrates effective one-skate technique

The Peru Nordic Masters gathered at Hallowed Point (au Roche) for the weekly Monday Night Metal Meltdown Rollerski training series.  Skiers congregated at 5 pm for some warm-ups, including no-poles drills, before testing their early season fitness with a 6.66 km time-trial.

Santor demonstrates how canoe racing can get you into shape for ski season

Steve “Incursion of Fury” Bailey had the top time of an incredibly tight grouping, with 18:53. Jon “Anathema of Outrage” Santor was just behind in 18:59, and Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak and Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose put in duplicate times of 19:03.  Tom Moffett was last in 19:20.  Moffet got the last laugh, however, as his Evil Empire of Fantasy Football team, led by the Jets defense, delivered a huge  Monday Night surge to beat the Peru F’n Slayers.

Bailey demonstrates how half-massholes can rip it up

The Peru Nordic Masters will meet at the Point au Roche beach parking lot every Monday through the month of October for the Monday Night Metal Meltdown.  Skiers of all abilities are welcome for some rollerski training and to participate in the weekly time trial.

Don’t forget, the ANGEL OF DEATH rollerski fun training event fun race takes place this Saturday at 11 am.  There’s still time to register.


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