Power Hiking… Peru Nordic’s Training Secret

ok… it’s no secret, the Peru Nordic Masters are big fans of Peakbagging, Mountain running and power hiking as a form of training for the upcoming ski season.  Peru Nordic has no qualms about bagging mountain peeks.  The PNMSP boasts many ADK 46ers in its ranks, and a couple of NE 111ers, too.  Living in the Adirondack Park offers many, many, many quality Mountain running and hiking opportunities.

Mountain running and power hiking develops strength and endurance.  And, it helps to prepare skiers for the tough weather conditions that they will face during the rigorous NYSSRA Season

(**Viking Helmet Bonus points to the first person to comment and correctly identify where the photos in this post were taken**)

Inertia TV was able to catch up with the Peru Nordic Masters as they climbed and hiked in the Canadian Rockies and the Adirondack High Peaks this summer


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