Up the Irons! Rose takes third IMT title, Team HURT wins the Team Championship

Halligan: Warrior!

Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose won his third Iron Maiden Triathlon, setting a personal best with a time of 1:42:22.  Rose used some savvy tactics on the bike, and took advantage of a seriously cramping Dave Kvam to take the victory.  A record field turned out for the event, and for the first time teams took part in the Fernando Pizzaro Team Competition.  Team HURT, riding a strong effort from Kvam and Austin and Tim Huneck, took the team trophy.  Deborah Nordyke of the Saratoga Biathlon Club once again won the women’s title.  And the Slackers won the relay division.  Race Czar, Tom Moffett’s decision to reward skiers with 4 bonus minutes for not doping their wheels had a huge effect on the results, catapulting Austin Huneck past his dad and on to the podium and dropping Jim Kobak at least 2 places in the overall standings.

Kvam Kvramps!
Nordyke: Women's Champ!
The Slackers' Kate Moffett cruises to the finish!

Final Results

1. Chris Rose (Peru Nordic) 1:42:22

2.  David Kvam (Team HURT) 1:43:37

3.  Austin Huneck (Team HURT) 1:44:06* (non-doped wheels 0:04:00 bonus)

4.  Tim Huneck (Team HURT) 1:47:01

5.  Brian Halligan (Team HURT) 1:47:45*

6.  Tom Moffett (Saratoga Biathlon) 1:50:19*

7. Jim Kobak (Peru Nordic) 1:50:31

8.  Sean Halligan (Saratoga Biathlon) 1:52:42

9.  Brian Burr (Saratoga Biathlon) 2:00:44*

10.  Rod Hill (Saratoga Biathlon) 2:05:17

11. The Slackers! 2:08:24

12.  Deborah Nordyke (Saratoga Biathlon) 2:08:28*


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