Iron Maiden Fever Builds in Peru…

The annual Iron Maiden Triathlon is set to take place at 9 AM on Saturday, July 31 in Peru NY.  This race challenges participants with a 2 mile run, a 20 mile bike and a 7 km rollerski up the dreaded HILL OF DEATH!

Two-Time Champ, Rose

As of this post, a record field has already registered, including two-time champ, Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose. Rose, along with Team HURT’s Dave Kvam, are the pre-race favorites, but there are a number of skiers who could contend.  This includes Peru Nordic’s newest members, Jerry Curcio and Keith Kogut, The dynamic father/son duo of Sean and Brian Halligan, and a few key unrestricted free agents like John Mulholland and Kate Moffett.

Kvam Tunes up for the IMT

Also expected to register and compete is defending champ, Mike “Disinfector of Despair” Wynn, and womens’ world record holder, Deb Nordyke.  Team HURT may send along battle-tested race veterans, Tim and Austin Huneck, and speculation abounds that Saratoga Biathlon may send Carly Wynn to the big event.

Harvester of Summit

Training for the IRON MAIDEN TRIATHLON has been furious, there have been tune up races and training camps, some participants have been to altitude camps out west or in Europe.  Members of Peru Nordic recently completed the HC climb from Wilmington to Whiteface MT Summit to warm up for the event, “I was put in a serious spot of bother, my legs were shattered, I was cracked, I literally turned myself inside-out and I had  anger in my stomach… but other than that, it was great!” said Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak after the hill climb.

There is still plenty of time to register for the IRON MAIDEN TRIATHLON.  Participants can opt for the full IRON MAIDEN, get a team and do it as a relay, non rollerskiers can opt for the run-bike-bike duathlon or the bike-bike-bike uniathlon.  REGISTER NOW


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