Rose rides wave of Masters win, on target for Maiden crown

Rose battles the heat in the Mini-Maiden Test

Chris Rose followed up last week’s Peru Nordic Masters Masters win with a convincing win in the annual Mini-Maiden race.   The mini-maiden is a shortened version of the dreaded Iron Maiden Triathlon course, and with two and a half short weeks until the big event, it is a great place to see who is in top form.  The mini-maiden features a 1.5 mile run, 10 mile bike and 6 km rollerski.

Skaal! Bring it on July 31

“Once again, I will be the King of the Iron Maiden!, I would like to see anyone from Team HURT or Saratoga Biathlon try to finish within 5 minutes of me this year.  I cannot be stopped!!!!,” exclaimed Rose as he crossed the finish line in 0:55:23, two and a half minutes ahead of his nearest challenger, Jim Kobak.  Surprisingly absent from today’s event is Iron Maiden favorite, Tom Moffett. Rumors of terrible back spasms have circulated, but perhaps Moffett smartly avoided the sweltering heat of the day in order to save something for the big race on July 31st.

There is still time to register for the Iron Maiden Triathlon!  See you there!!


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