Patchpocalypse Destroys Willsboro…

The  2010 Patch Sprint took place in Willsboro, NY on Saturday, and it was a race for the ages.

Noted DOOM! participant, Cole Starkey won the 12.5 mile/5000′ race in a blistering 2:02:33.  Cole set a new world record with his time, almost 7 minutes faster than the previous mark set by Peru Nordic’s Jim Kobak in 2004.

The Peru Nordic Masters were on hand to race in the event, and put in a strong showing.  Jason “Wilbury of Woe” Fiegl was able to fight through his off-season foot injury to finish 2nd overall, in 2:22:00.  Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak finished 4th overall, 2:25:10, and captured his second consecutive Masters Men title.  Jerry “Boss of Brutality” Ross finished second in the Masters’ division.  Marcie “Herbivore of Hate” Kobak got only slightly lost, and managed a second overall in the women’s open.

Most of the other DOOM! participants had good days, including Kate Moffet, Luke and Marque Mo, and Skip “Boy of History” Singer.  The Sugarloaf Goshawk made another appearance and managed to terrorize a few racers. Tom Moffet had a lousy day, never really feeling well at all, “but at least I didn’t get attacked by the hawk…”

Inertia TV was there to capture some of the hot racing action!


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