Who will don the Crown of Skulls?

It all comes down to the final event.  The DOOM! Series and the coveted “crown of skulls” championship trophy will be awarded on Tuesday evening.

Throughout the race series, participants have been accumulating DOOM! Index points based on Domination, Intimidation and Vehemence.  Heading into the finale, Jim “hawk” Kobak has a 0.90 point lead over Cole Starkey and a 0.91 point lead over Jerry Ross.  Don’t discount Tom Moffett, or his sister Katie Moffett, who have been racing strong all season.  They are darkhorse contenders for sure.  Tuesday’s TT up Poke-o-moonshine Mountain will determine the ultimate DOOM champion.

The DOOM! Donut!

During Tuesday’s event.  DOOM points will be scored and added to the above totals as follows:

Fastest:  5 points

second fastest: 3 points

third fastest :1 point

Most intense glare: 3 points

Meanest snarl: 2 points

Nastiest demeanor: 1 point

bonus for a time under 20 minutes…  : 2 points

bonus for a time between 20 and 25 minutes: 1 point

Final awards will be given at the DOOM! Finale tailgate party, at the snowplow turnaround just South of the Poko Trail.  Meet at 5 pm.  Then, the countdown to the Patchpocalypse begins!


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