Bird of Prey!

by the Harvester of Sorrow

May 16

There I was, finishing my workout in the woods around Willsboro, NY, when I was attacked.  I had been running down Sugarloaf Mountain after doing a Rattlesnake/Loaf combo workout.  As I trotted down the dirt road, deep in the forest, out of nowhere came a sharp blow to the back of my head!

This is what the bird attempted to do to my skull...

The Northern Goshawk is a large raptor, about 2 feet tall.  These birds nest in May, and are famously aggressive when defending their territories.  Well, I was obviously a threat to this bird’s nest, and it swooped down on me from behind, talons outstretched, to drive me away.  The attack came from behind, the Goshawk whapped me in the back of my noggin, knocking off my headband and sunglasses, and continued to fly in front of me for a few yards before swooping back into the woods.  It then perched in the branches of a large hemlock and kaw-kaw-kawed angrily at me.   It’s talons had punctured and sliced the back of my head.  The folks at the ER had thought they had heard and seen it all, but they admitted that this was the first hawk-attack injury that they had ever encountered.  I will forever be known as the “Hawk-Man” at CVPH, and my story may replace the “guy who was hit by a bear as he was riding his bike” as the weirdest animal-related tale of injury.


One thought on “Bird of Prey!”

  1. Harv, I’ve seen this before at an upscale summer compound called Gahada on Efner Lake in Corinth, about 4 miles from SB. An older woman got popped from behind by a goshawk in the exact manner you experienced. Her wounds were also exactly like you report. The community reacted in typical city douchebag fashion and tried to get encon to relocate the nest. What they got were orders to leave the birds alone or face prosecution. I was the FedEx driver in the area at the time and got to hear the whining first hand from several of the ”stiff upper lip” types. I enjoyed seeing the snobs wiith their panties wadded!

    Glad you’re relatively unharmed – beats getting struck by lightning, I spose!!


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