Fiegl Returns, Starkey Wins Goat-free DOOM 5

Fiegl discusses his foot injury

Jason Fiegl made his first appearance at the DOOM Series, but could not reel in the hyperspeedy Cole Starkey in the DOOM! Road Race.   Runners blazed from the Beaver Brook Road to the top of Schoolhouse Hill. Starkey managed to crush the 5+ km course in under 19 minutes, with the rest of the field struggling to break 23 minutes.

Moffett seriously degrades his intimidation score...

Fiegl, who has had limited training time due to a foot injury, managed to run the same pace as last year. Jerry Ross improved by over a minute on his 2009 time, and almost caught Fiegl at the line.  Both Tom Moffett and Jim Kobak were over a minute slower than the previous season, both convinced that their kick and glide style, although good for nordic skiing, is not so good when trying to be fast on the road.  Katie Moffett easily won the women’s race, and managed to stay on course.  Brian DeGroat made his DOOM Debut, finishing strong.  And Marque and Luke Mo, convinced that running on the road was “too easy” decided to hammer angrily up Bare Mt., attributing to a massive vehemence score.

Rookie DOOM! racer De Groat wonders "where are de Goats?"


Next week’s DOOM has been moved to TUESDAY, MAY 18… Meet at the Snowplow Turnaround on Route 9 just south of Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain trailhead.  5 PM.  Pok0 TT – Last race of the Series!


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