Unprecedented Speed at DOOM 4

Ross: "holy crap, Cole's fast!"

Cole Starkey, fresh from a week away from the DOOM series, put his stamp on the series with an impressive showing racing from the summit of Bare to the summit of Rattlesnake.  Cole put in the fastest recorded time ever as he blazed from summit to summit in 23:53.  Jim Kobak was second, but couldn’t even keep the gap under 4 minutes!

Vehemence personified

Cole currently holds the in-race record from Bare to Rattlesnake, 25:37 set last year.  Today’s mark was almost a minute faster!

this blurry image was almost the last known photo of Kate Moffett

Tom Moffet and Jerry Ross, still used to the snowy conditions of last week, struggled in the 70 degree heat.  While Kate Moffett, concentrating so hard on keeping her race snarl nice and mean, neglected to pay attention to the trail down Bare and wound up on Route 22.  Luckily, Guardian Angel Skip “Boy of History” Singer, came to her rescue and got her back en route to Rattlesnake.  This act caused Singer’s vehemence factor to plummet, even though he managed to intimidate the crap out of a few birds and chipmunks on the slopes of Rattlesnake.

Noticeably absent:  Jay “Wilbury of Woe” Fiegl….


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