Sugar on Snow: DOOM 3!

Doom 3... Sugarloaf. It's no miracle... it's real snow

DOOM! racers were greeted by a hefty snowfall on Wednesday, undeterred they hammered up Sugarloaf Mt in the DOOM! series.

Rose ramps it up

The DOOM! racers were joined by the euphobic Chris Rose, who had been planning to do his first Patch Sprint.  Just when he was about to sign up, the race sold out, “…I guess I’ll just have to do the 80 km mountain bike race in Lake Placid the next day, I’d much rather run than ride my bike…”

Moffet checking his Vehemence Factor Monitor

Tom Moffett looked to spark his intimidation factor score.  Moffett unabashedly raced to the front, setting a blistering pace as he thrashed straight through the mud, raging streams and snow.  His race snarl was in full force, causing his vehemence factor to skyrocket!  He even drew blood as he ripped through the woods.  Unfortunately, his enthusiasm got the best of him, and he faded hard on the flanks of the mighty ‘Loaf.

Blood = Intimidation

Jim Kobak had the fastest time of the day, drafting behind rose before breaking trail to the summit. Jerry Ross fought through his DOOM!-induced asthma and had a strong outing.  Notably missing was Cole Starkey, who probably wanted to get a early head start and ran to Reber as he blazed right past the Sugarloaf Trailhead.

Fiegl gets his snarl on!

Speaking of Reber… Defending Patch Sprint World Champion, Jay “Wilbury of Woe” Fiegl has announced his intention to compete in the remaining DOOM! series events.  Fiegl has spent most of the winter polishing his race snarl, “My vehement scores should be high.”

Official Results:  DOOM #3

The DOOM! Series continues next week with a race from the top of Bare to the top of Rattlesnake.  Meet at the Homestead at 5 pm, Wednesday May 5.


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