The SFS (Search for Snow) Continues

While the rest of the Peru Nordic faithful are off switching gears to summer, running up mountains and swatting black flies, Incursion of Fury and Son continue to hang on to winter and search for snow. The school break made for a perfect
opportunity to continue the quest further afield.

The original plan was to head north to the Chic-Choc mountains, but unseasonably warm spring time temperatures
flooded many of the ski trails, and the prospect of a 11 hour drive to go water skiing was less than appealing.
Plans changed at the last minute and the duo headed to New Hampshire and Maine to search for elusive springtime
‘Sug-ah’ snow.

Bad weather in the backcountry delayed a trip into Mt. Washington for a few days, but the wait was worth it, as
soft spring snow was to be found. After making a couple of laps in the gullies, straight-lining anything on the Porter
mountain loop doesn’t seem so bad.

Sadly, the duo has now given in to the greening of the woods, and will join the rest of the team biking and paddling
until the snow flies once again.


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