DOOM 2… Death Rattle Shakes!

Starkey Blisters along the summit trail on Rattlesnake!

Cole Starkey put his stamp on the DOOM! series with another convincing win, this time on the way up Rattlesnake Mountain.  Starkey is without a doubt, the “one to beat” in the 2010 Patch Sprint.  “Starkey is as fast as anyone I have ever seen, with Fiegl questionable, no one should challenge him… plus he now knows all of the correct routes on the course, there’s now way he will get lost again, he may be the first to break the mythical two hour mark!,” said Jim Kobak who finished second on the day.  Starkey was so dominant, that he blasted up the ‘Snake and rested at the first lookout, enabling Kobak to catch up before they sprinted to the finish.  That action absolutely skyrocketed Starkey’s Intimidation Factor, but the niceness of that gesture lowered his vehemence factor, and affected his dominance score.


Tom Moffett was working on his scowl all week, which boosted his intimidation score.

this is not helping the intimidation factor...

Jerry Ross‘ effort in his outstanding showing in the previous weekend’s Plattsburgh Half-Marathon hurt him today, the effects are seen in his domination factor score.  Kate Moffett really worked on her Vehemence factor, and it showed as she stormed up Rattlesnake in anger, but her skipping moves on the way down caused her Intimidation score to plummet.  The tandem of Gordy and Tori Santor had the perhaps the highest Vehemence mark of the day, just faintly hiding their bitterness as they barely missed the 5 pm ish-sharp start, and ran around and around greater Willsboro looking for the rest of the pack.

DOOM 2 Results!

The DOOM! series continues next week with a race up Sugarloaf Mt.  Be there!


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