Santor Smites field, achieves eternal glory in Valhalla. RAGNAROK!



Jon Santor achieved immortality by capturing Molljnar and winning the battle at the End of the World… RAGNAROK


Originally a classic event, the race turned into a combined pursuit with numerous lead changes taking place.   Just when it looked like one competitor was in command, the winds shifted and Odin’s guiding hand moved another into contention.  It was like a massive chess game played by the gods in the woods of Mount Van Hoevenberg.  In the classic portion of the race, waxing turned out to be a major factor, with Viking Helmet heavyweights like Jim Kobak, Bob Maswick and Chris Rose opting for some old Swix Red Klister.  This butter was the bomb in the lower elevations, but out on the Porter loops, where the snow was still frozen, kick rapidly disappeared and the abrasive snow stripped the klister off.  Santor took advantage of the fate befallen his rivals and muscled his herringbone technique to victory.  Thor laughed, and the GOAT smiled.

Goddess Of Anaerobic Threshold

INERTIA TV was on hand to capture all of the Glory that was RAGNAROK!  Watch if you dare…

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