White-Knuckle excitement at Skatona 500, RAGNAROK is nigh

Kobak manages to hold on for the Skatona title!

Peru Nordic’s annual top fuel-CO2 emitting-piston churning event, the Skatona 500, was held in dangerously fast conditions.  “It’s just not safe, not with the speeds these drivers are reaching!” cried Charlie Mitchell, who had a spectacular massive crash during the race.  “I think I broke some ribs, we are pushing the limit here!”  Regardless, Peru Nordic’s Jim Kobak withstood a near disaster by hanging on in the final corner and narrowly beating Chris Rose. “I had the throttle all the way down, and Rose was right back there, trying to slingshot around me.  I had to push the envelope and got into some serious trouble.  I can’t believe I was able to keep the tires on the road to get to the finish.”

The win keeps Kobak in the lead for the Viking Helmet.  The series continues this week with “March Madness” where skiers must shoot free throws in between laps.  With Spring conditions, the Viking Helmet may wrap up at any time, so get out and ski while you can!

RAGNAROK!  The battle at the end of the world!

On Saturday, March 13,  RAGNAROK will take place.  Skiers race in classic technique to the top of the GOAT at Mount Van Hoevenberg… details to follow.


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