NYSSRA Champions Cup Weekend… Delight and Disappointment

The San-chize

Peru Nordic ended the NYSSRA Champions Cup weekend on a sour note after a disappointing result in the Club Championship Relay.  In spite of the flop at the end, the  Peru Nordic Masters had an excellent Championships, with outstanding results in the Champions Cup XC race.

Allison... the CHAMP! (and soon to be a Peru Nordique????)

The NYSSRA Champs were held under great, although wet and snowy, conditions. The race was held over three laps of a 6 km course, and was won by Paul Allison (who, sources report is close to signing with Peru Nordic for the 2011 season)

Hand of DOOM

The Black Train of Pain skied well, and utilized team tactics to obliterate team HURT, and neutralize some pre-race favorites, like Marty Maynard and Eric Seyse.

Jon Santor was the best finisher, 5th overall.

Jim Kobak won the Masters division, finishing 8th, Chris Rose 9th. Joe Korzinecki 11th, and strong races were had by Steve Bailey, Ed Lis and the newly signed, Jerry Curcio.  (Results here)

welcoming Jerry "Curse of Pharaohs" Curcio into the Evil Empire!

Santor,  Kobak, and Rose spent much of the race working together, utilizing Swedish team tactics to drop HURT skiers and contain Santor’s rivals, Maynard and Seyse.  On the third lap, as Santor took a feed, Maynard and Seyse attacked.  Kobak made sure to keep contact, allowing Santor to rejoin the group.  This effort finally wasted Rose, and Santor and Kobak let Seyse pull for much of the final lap.  Then, sick of being in the lead, Seyse allowed Kobak to pull.  This wound up being a tactical mistake, as Kobak attacked, and Santor followed.  Once a gap opened up, Kobak let Santor through and then slowed the pace down.  Santor was launched and moved way ahead.  Kobak let Seyse lead him again, setting himself up for a final sprint before catching a ski tip in the snow with 400 m to go.

The fall near at the finish was an omen.

At the awards banquet, Peru Nordic won 3 gold medals (Kobak M3, Rose M2, Korzinecki M5), and 2 bronze medals (Lis M3, Bailey M4).  Chris Rose and Jim Kobak also took home the overall points series titles in the M2 and M3 categories.

Rose tags Kobak at the NYSSRA relay champs

On Sunday, the pall of disappointment fell over the Evil Empire.  The vaunted relay team of Santor/Rose/Kobak finished 5th overall.   Rochester Nordic took the top two spots (that was ok, they’re really fast), but the biggest blow was when TWO, damn it all, TWO, Team HURT teams finished ahead of us to take 3rd and 4th. (MDH-Yars-Kvam- 3rd, THuneck, Tornianen, Tetlow 4th)… This result has left the Peru faithful are scratching their heads wondering “wha’happened? ”

Santor took a costly fall on the first leg, but gutted it out to control the damage. Rose had terrible skis on leg 2, and unreal massive, I mean HUGE, efforts by Yarsevich and Tornianen pushed Rose to try to muster up a soul crushing effort unknown to most mere mortals.  Tornianen’s classic leg was faster than most of the day’s skate legs!  Rose was chewed up and spit out.  Kobak tried to narrowed the gap somewhat by making up a minute on the anchor leg, but the specter of fear and adrenaline enabled Tetlow to stay just ahead at the finish.

The Peru media has been livid over the result… was it a poor coaching decision to stay up really late precovering with Bud Light while watching the TiVo’ed Ladies’ 30 km the night before the big relay???? Should the team have gone with the hot dog special instead of the sub special at Stewarts???? Is racing 10 days a week really the best way to prepare for the long NYSSRA season???

Congratulations Team HURT... time to prepare for 2011!

We’ll get ’em next year!

Next race… Wednesday SKATONA 500 at MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion


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