Peru Nordic Peakbaggers head into the Mountains

The Lord of Destruction atop Rocky Peak Ridge

What better way to gear up for the ESGs than with a winter hike or two.  Members of the Peru Nordic Masters took a break from ski racing to get out and enjoy the wilderness at a somewhat slower pace.  “It’s perfect Craftsbury marathon training, lot’s of kick and you’re out for a long, long time”

The Colossus of Chaos claws his way up Sawteeth

Jim Kobak and Bob Maswick tackled Giant Mt and Rocky Peak Ridge on Monday, then Kobak and Joe Korzinecki went up Sawteeth on Thursday.  Steve “Incursion of Fury” Bailey and son headed over to Vermont to Climb/Ski Camel’s Hump on Thursday as well.

Inertia TV was there to capture the action in David Brashears-esque fashion:


Bailey reports from Vermont:

Incursion of Fury, and Fury Jr. took advantage of the school vacation to ski up Camel’s Hump in Vermont. While they could have joined in the numerous Adirondack climbs, they couldn’t stomach the thought of snowshoes and crampons when perfectly good skis are available. “We’re skiers, skiing is what we do” IOF grumbled. Fury Jr., while not a racer, is a good telemark skier. ‘I could probably beat the pants off all you old guys, but I’ll never wear one of those skin tight suits, even the ones with the skulls” he was heard to say.

Atop the HUMP

Vermont had a surprising amount of new snow, at least at the higher elevations. It took almost 3 hours to accomplish what had taken just 21 minutes the night before at the Fat Tuesday Race. Fury Junior should be added to the race results with a time of 180 minutes, deducting the calories in a Italian sub that he downed in about 15 seconds. He may just contend if you give deductions for the 3000 ft vert gain of his 6 km course, the 8 lb. boots, and the 120 mm wide skis! Summit was usual winter conditions – 15 degrees and 35 mph winds. Ski down was schweet, linking telemark turns through the hardwood glades.Was so good that IOF and Jr. may be heading back Saturday for another ski ascent while the rest of the team heads to the Empire State Games.


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