Kobak Wins the Death’s Head! INERTIA TV unveils Superbowl of Skiing behind the Scenes Footage

Be afraid...

Jim Kobak captured his first Deathskinada Loppet Death’s Head Trophy this week.  Kobak is riding high off of his Superbowl win, managed to out ski  Chris Rose and managed to out-age Jon Santor once again for an overall victory.  After missing out on the Tour de Ski Challice, Kobak has now taken home three of the Major Viking Helmet Trophies, the National Championship, the Foam Finger and the Death’s Head.  “I hope to continue this streak, survive Ragnarok, win Mollinjar and then go on to the Viking Helmet at the end of the winter.”


Total lap1 lap2 lap3 age

Kobak 0:04:35 0:05:49 0:05:35 0:05:15 0:00:40

Rose 0:04:40 0:05:52 0:05:49 0:05:19 0:00:39

Santor 0:04:52 0:05:46 0:05:21 0:05:15 0:00:23

Bailey 0:05:08 0:06:50 0:06:40 0:05:57 0:00:49

Moffett 0:05:26 0:07:21 0:06:51 0:06:03 0:00:37

Findlay 0:05:50 0:07:30 0:07:06 0:06:46 0:00:56

Ross 0:06:26 0:07:56 0:07:38 0:07:24 0:00:58

Next week, the VHCS revives Fat Tuesday, where competitors get to gorge themselves while skiing as hard as they can!

In other news, Inertia TV was behind the scenes at this weekend’s Superbowl of Skiing… watch the excitement here:

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