Superbowl of Skiing Showdown…

Kobak drives for paydirt!! (photo courtesy TeamNJS)

Peru Nordic’s Jim Kobak narrowly won the 2010 Superbowl of Skiing by keeping close to Jon Santor in the Dewey Mt. Freestyle race.  Kobak’s Loppet time was just a hair faster than Santor, even with the classic handicap.  And Santor was better at picking the final score for the Big Game.  However, by digging deep and keeping within 10 seconds of Santor on the final day of racing, Kobak squeaked out the victory.

The Superbowl of Skiing challenges skiers to race on consecutive days over the Superbowl weekend.  Skiers competed in the Lake Placid loppet on Saturday, and the Dewey Mt 5km race on Sunday.  Skiers also predicted the outcome of the Superbowl, with accuracy of predictions earning bonus time.  Winner of the Superbowl of Skiing earns the coveted Foam Finger award.

The Superbowl of Skiing is part of the Viking Helmet Championship Series which continues this week with the annual Deathskinada Loppet.  In the Deathskinada, skiers must complete negative splits for three consecutive 2 km laps at MitcHELLbeiner Skistadion.  The winner recieves the gruesome Deathskinada Death’s Head Trophy.


Kobak  1:39:49

Santor  1:41:54

Rose 1:44:12

Delaney  1:53:28

Hatch  1:53:54

Hunter  1:56:56

Beattie 1:59:11

Moffett  2:00:01

Korzinecki  2:00:22

Maswick 2:00:31

Findlay  2:04:47

Bailey 2:11:16

Lis 2:17:10

Santor, G 2:20:04

Krueger  2:23:21

Ross  2:25:10

Weibel  2:38:19

Adams  2:38:29

In other news, the Peru Nordic of Thrash Metal, OVERKILL, has released what has to be like their 234th album, Ironbound.  If you crave good kick a$$ metal, check it out!


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