Medal Meltdown: Peru Nordic Evil Empire Eradicates Lake Placid Loppet


The Peru Nordic Masters marched their unstoppable stormtroopers of evil into the Olympic Nordic Ski Stadium in Lake Placid on Saturday and delivered an unprecedented distribution of cross country whoop-ass on the unsuspecting masses at the annual Lake Placid Loppet.


It was largest show of force that the Evil Empire has ever amassed at a Nordic ski race.  And the onslaught amassed an incredible 12 medals, including 7 gold, 4 silver and a bronze as they laid waste to the field.

Here’s a brief tally of results:

25 km Classic

J. Santor 3rd overall, GOLD SRM

S. Bailey 5th overall, Silver M4M… and he won a watch at the raffle!

G. Santor 4th M5M

B. Maswick GOLD M6M

C Beattie GOLD M7M

D Hunter Silver M7M

L Korzinecki 7th M4F

J Findlay 3rd overall! GOLD M6F

25 km Freestyle

C Rose 4th M2M

J. Kobak Silver M3M

E Lis 7th M3M

R Costanza GOLD M5M

J Ross 5th M6M

F Kreuger 4th M7M

P Wiltberger GOLD M6F

50 km Classic

J Adams Silver M7M

50 km Freestyle

S Hatch Bronze M4M

B Delaney 4th M5M

J Korzinecki 8th M5M

J Weibel GOLD M1F

The Peru Nordic Masters continue their swath of destruction at the Saranac Lake ESG on Sunday, before massively precovering during the Big Game

Let the PRE-COVERY begin!

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